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Who’s joining the global meditation event of the year and help set the Guinness world record for the largest meditation gathering in history?!!!!!!!

You don’t have to know how to meditate, just do it, share your energy and receive energy!
So many bad things are happening in the world and it hurts and most of us feel helpless (I know I do…) but we don’t have to. The power of our prayers and intentions when we all come together can heal us and bring miracles!!!

Let’s promote unity, peace and oneness amongst each other and we can make a difference! Remember that peace begins with yourself. 

Everything around us is energy and energy is everything. This includes our thoughts. Our thoughts are so powerful it can make us. The solution is not violence but love. It has always been. If you exude loving energy, people will feel this loving energy.
It’s time we give this world good energy as it has always been capable of receiving.


Big enough

"People and things"

I know it’s not many in the grand scheme of Tumblr, but this is the most notes any of my posts have got so far. And I couldn’t be happier it’s this one. Can feel the compassion rising and spreading!
Best birthday card ever from the BFF

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